S G M Bible Church
(Meeting at Cokes Chapel)
4096 Lower Fayetteville Rd
Sharpsburg, GA 30277
Worship Service: Sundays @ 2:15 pm
I am so happy you are visiting
with us at our website. We are a
new church plant in the
Sharpsburg/PTC area that exists
for the glory of God. Our mission
statement sums up what we are
all about, “It is our passion to
teach and preach the gospel and
to see the lost saved and the
saved matured for the glory of
I would love to visit with you and
tell you more about what God is
doing in this new church plant.
Simply, we are a small group of
believers who love the Lord and
His word and desire to see Him
glorified in everything we do.
If you asked me, “what is your
church all about?” I would have
to say we are about building one
another up, loving and caring for
each other in short we are a
family that truly loves each
other. We equip and prepare
believers with the word of God so
that they can go out and make

Thank you so much for visiting
our website if we can serve you
in any way please let us know.

May the Lord bless you and shine
His face upon you,

Avi Porat
Member's blog ;
The teaching on Romans 12:9-13 brought a chain reaction
of thoughts regarding the traits of a spirit-filled life.  It
caused me to ponder more deeply on the Law of Love and
becoming more like Christ with a selfless, serving life. The
Scripture says to love without hypocrisy. Our pastor had
once expressed that love is not a feeling, but a position. So
we need not wait for a benevolent feeling or some kind of
mystical experience to make us want to do what God has
clearly commanded. Rather, we put into practice what He
tells us to do which is most often quite contrary to our
self-serving nature. Christ, whose Spirit indwells the
believer, said He will write His Law on our hearts. The
Holy Spirit initiates and compels but He does not force our
response.  We can be sure that greater is He who is in us!  
Our grateful response to His Word and to His mercy should
be expressed from a position of obedience which is a
sacrifice of praise. Then our character will begin to
change. I thought that this must surely be the way He
inscribes Himself on our hearts and conforms us into His
image. That's the joy of relationship and that is when the
fruit comes in God's perfect time. We will not love others
hypocritically when we put loving Jesus first in the
By our position of obedience which desires to honor Him,
He will bring forth in us His genuine agape love-----------all
to His glory.
Mrs. Mardi Harjo
Welcome from Pastor Avi
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